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Immigration Assistance

Any applicant will need to submit to an intake to see what they qualify for in terms of:

  • Type of application
  • Fee waivers (if applicable)
  • Assistance with testing or waiving of exam

Each type of application has its own conditions and requirements and therefore cannot be treated the same. Some applications are more in depth, complicated and take longer to approve than other applications. Fees and conditions do apply for the applications and if legal assistance is needed. United Labor Agency will counsel each applicant to the best of their ability; however, there are some cases that will require legal expertise. Another aspect of Immigration Assistance than ULA provides is education and materials regarding immigrant rights and workers’ rights.

If needed, ULA Coordinators can arrange for one on one tutoring sessions for the citizenship exam and interview or can refer you to a location and/or agency that better supports your needs.

Referrals are made to attorney Erin O’Neil Baker of the Hartford Legal Group, LLC; consultations are free.
Hartford Legal Group:
Office Phone Number: 860-466-4278 Fax Number: 860-466-4279
Hartford Legal Group handles the following types of cases: Immigration Law, Employment Law, Personal Injury Law and Medical Malpractice Law.

Other agencies and groups we follow closely and receive information, guidance or assistance from:
Working America (

This program is funded through the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving (

Voter Registration:

ULA assists individuals in filling out registration cards for purposes of voting. Please note, ULA will not direct you on selecting party affiliation or candidates. ULA, as a non-profit organization, does not, will not and cannot endorse parties or candidates, as an agency.

The following resources are intended to help ensure that members of our unions know their rights and are prepared to defend themselves and the immigrant members of their families and their communities in the event of workplace or community raids:

Downloadable Materials:
Know Your Rights – Card
Know Your Rights – Flier
Safe and Tolerant Workplace Poster