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DMHAS (Department of Mental Health & Addiction)

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Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) funds our Addiction Employment Services program primarily located in out Middletown office but services are statewide.  United Labor Agency (ULA) provides one on one career counseling and teaches necessary job search and obtainment skills.  Through our programing, individuals will be able to learn how to navigate internet searches and online applications, create an effective resume, handle interviews and job history, as well as how to handle criminal history.  The program specializes with individuals who are or have been in recovery or have a history of substance use.  ULA has earned a Commissioner’s Recognition Award from DMHAS for Achieving an Exemplary Employment Rate for 2015-2016.  We consistently surpass the state employment rate by 45%.  If you are or know someone who is struggle with obtaining employment and are in recovery or had a history of substance use contact Greg Vavrek in our Middletown office at 860-347-8060.