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Our Misson

Our Mission is to assist union members and other workers in handling problems and difficulties arising off the job, including maintaining or achieving economic self-sufficiency through gainful employment.  This involves mobilizing and using the support of existing public agencies as well as the resources of the labor movement.

Welcome to the United Labor Agency-A United Way Partner Agency

Need may arise from a lay-off, a plant closing, a labor dispute or just personal events. Any worker with problems not related to their employment can be helped by our Community Services personnel. Any worker losing a job or unable to still perform a job can be helped by our job training personnel to find different employment.

Chances are that someone close to you has already been helped, or soon will be, by the United Labor Agency.

Over the years, the ULA has been there to help all workers, unionized or not, in their time of greatest need. Through a variety of human services and employment and training programs, ULA provides direct assistance, advocacy and vital linkages to community services for workers and their families. Staff may assist workers in the following areas: Unemployment Benefits, Medical and Health Services, Workers Compensation, Social Security, Disability Benefits, Food Stamps, Emergency Food Pantry, Public Assistance, Alcohol and Drug Counseling.

Union Members: Heard of a Community Services Training Program at your worksite? You can be trained to be a volunteer assistant to workers with the needs listed above by signing up for a Union Counselor Training Program. Call our Central Office 860-258-6640 for more information.

ULA – Reaching Out to the Workers of CT

The United Labor Agency employs the AFL-CIO National Community Services model for the benefit of workers in Connecticut. This includes three major components:  community mobilization, counseling, and employment. ULA develops and operates various specialized programs including client referral, client advocacy, immigrant worker advocacy, workers’ rights, emergency food pantry services and a Drug and Alcohol Vocational Rehabilitation Program.